About Us

Hello friends, careeralarm is an online information blog that focuses on all types of loans, Insurance & Finance. The focus of our portal is to providing E-Information to the student class, generate discussions, generate ideas for our readership. This website was developed by a team of friends, during the learning days in the development sector. The active admin of this web portal is Mr Satyendra Singh Rawat. The role of the author and editor by Mr Rohit Kumar and with support from Mr Gajendra Kumar (Technical Associate)

The aim of this blog-

Our team envisions designed this portal for standard E-reading about Loan, Insurance & Finance. This web portal main focus is on an E guide for every person. This is our vision as No student or person should be left untouched of new Information.

Through this website, we want to share all useful information, so that people may easily access it and make use of it! We make sure that only well-researched articles are published here.

Information is easily available in simple language and completeness, thanks to Search Engines. But, usually, for many folks, this feeling is hard to understand. Hence they can’t really make use of it!

Language is also given importance. We use a simple, easy to understand language while writing articles and guides.

At careeralarm, we full try to make sure that the articles are as detailed as possible and genuine. Ample effort is put towards research. So the materials published on this blog are accurate.