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Cloud Computing Introduction: One Question has come into mind What is Cloud Computing?: Cloud Computing is basically the availability of computer system resources on demand. In cloud computing resources are retrieved from the internet but without a direct connection to a server. Cloud Computing is a way of delivering IT services on demand. Cloud Computing is basically storage which one can have access to you at any time and anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Check more details like Career in Cloud Computing, Types of Services in Cloud Computing and Types of cloud computing.

Types of cloud computing

We have different types of cloud on the basis of our access to the cloud. Mainly there are four types of cloud.

Types of Cloud:

  1. Public Cloud

Public Cloud is available to general public. It is mostly used by us the users. It is public storage where all the general people can store their data and can have access to their data anytime and anywhere. It is shareable storage which is shared by the general public.

Some decent examples of public cloud are Google Drive and Microsoft Azure.

  1. Private Cloud

Private Cloud is dedicated storage and is mostly used by an organization. If an organization wants to keep the data of its employees in storage where it can access it anytime and the data is always safe, then the organization uses Private Cloud. It is storage particularly dedicated to that organization.

  1. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is basically a mixture of public cloud and private cloud. If an organization uses both public cloud and private cloud, then it comes under the type “Hybrid Cloud”.

Suppose an organization wants to keep its data stored in dedicated storage i.e. in private cloud and the organization also wants to use the public cloud for some purpose, then the organization uses the Hybrid Cloud.

  1. Community Cloud

In Community Cloud, many organizations come together with a deal such that they buy one storage and divide the parts of storage for each organization. In this form, all the organizations can have their own storage.

Cloud Computing Advantages

  1. Anytime Access: Cloud Computing gives the user the ease to have access to the data anytime the user wants.
  2. Universal Access: The user can access the data anywhere in the world where the internet is accessed.
  3. Disaster recovery: If due to any reason the computer the user is using fails to function then also user can have access to the data with the help of cloud computing.
  4. Don’t depend on the device: User need not depend on a single device for managing the data. He can use a computer when he is at home. When he is out traveling in a cab, then he can manage his data through laptop or Tablet. Even when he is on a walk and just have his smartphone in his pocket, then also access to data through smartphone is easy for the user.
  5. Security: The date of the user is secured by the cloud computing.
  6. Unlimited Data Storage: User can store data of any size without any limit. There is no limit to the storage for the user through cloud computing. It may take some extra pennies for larger storage but it is possible.
  7. Beneficial for the organization: science organizations need to spend less time for the storage of the data of the organization with its data being kept safe under the private cloud.

It can focus on growing its market and business.

  1. Cost effective: The amount to be paid is very less based on the mode of subscription. In some cases like Google photos, it is even free of cost.

Types of Services in Cloud Computing

We have three different types of services in cloud computing.

Types of Services

  • Saas ( Software As A Service)
  • Paas ( Platform As A Service)
  • Iaas ( Infrastructure As A Service)

Software As A Service (Saas)

In Saas, companies have their own software but the user does not have its own. So user depends on companies for the software. This user with the help of an interface will use the company software.


A decent example of Saas is Gmail. Gmail is a software of the company Google. Users are using Gmail with the help of an interface while the software is maintained by Google.

Paas (Platform As A Service)

In Paas, the user has its own software and requires some platform for execution.

Example of Paas is Java.

Iaas (Infrastructure As A Service)

Whenever the user required some infrastructure, some server, or some storage, then it comes under Iaas.

Demand of Cloud Computing

Why will someone use Cloud Computing?:  A company which does not have much money to invest in IT infrastructure but has to maintain it. Then Cloud Computing will help the company by providing IT infrastructure at a less cost.

Now the company can focus on its other departments such as sales department and marketing department. It need not worry about IT infrastructure. Cloud Computing will take control of it.

Do You Know: Facebook is an example of cloud computing.

A career in Cloud Computing

cloud computing job roles:  The future is going to be digitalized. Every business will be digitalized in the coming days. Many jobs will open up for job seekers all over the world and by learning the skill of cloud computing, one will increase the number of opportunities for oneself. “People are getting digital, so will go the businesses”. Wherever people go, businesses follow. Business is Run because people are there and since people are going digital so businesses will follow and therefore jobs will be created in the digital sector. Having command over Cloud Computing will definitely help you grab jobs in the digital sector.

Job roles:

  • Cloud Computer Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Support Engineer
  • Cloud Solution Engineer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Management Professional


Anyone interested can enter this field you have done 10 + 2 qualifications under some recognized board. The stream doesn’t matter, it all matters is how well you understand the technology. Science Students can enter, Commerce students can also enter and Arts students can enter as well. The student from any stream can go for cloud computing.


According to Forbes, Enterprise IT Architects with Cloud Computing expertise are earning a median salary of $135,957. Senior Solution Architects with Cloud Computing expertise are earning a median salary of $132,327. Initial salary in this field depends on the power of the skill of the individual and salary increases with experience in this field as it is in every other field.

This is what you need to know about Cloud Computing. This field has a great scope and one can pursue it as a career. Undoubtedly, this career asks for lots of hard work as asked by every other career.

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